I’m so glad you guys had a blast playing Friday Trivia! Can’t wait for next week.


The correct answers:

1. Adventures of Pluto Nash

2. Three

3. Oreos


Those that got all 3 correct that are entered for the prize:


Molly P


Rosemary and the Goat

Kristie Lynn

Julie @ SavvyEats


Thanks to all for playin.’ :)


If you didn’t make it this time, check back next Friday. You’ll still have 5 chances to win





Some of you have inquired about my daily eats and routine. Take a look below, and you will see that it is not anything to write home about. This may or may not appear more often. I cannot decide. I am not a fan of taking pictures without natural light. So this probably leans toward the ‘may not’ side.





Yesterday, my morning began like this. It usually does.













To say I am a HUGE fan of makeup is an understatement. I love it. My secret dream job is to be a MAC makeup artist. I love wild colors, dramatic eyes – you name it. And no, I’m not talking about gross, ‘caked-on-your-face’ makeup. You won’t find that on me. I do not even wear foundation. But I love bright, fun colors and experimenting.





My other secret? The real reason I won’t ever become a makeup artist? As much as I love all of your faces, I really have no desire to touch them. You know what I’m talking about. There may always be that one person you see sitting in the makeup chair and  as you walk by, you think ‘oh dear. I am so glad I do not have to touch that face.’




I know. I’m cruel. Please forgive me.




You know what I’m talkin’ bout.





Anyway, my 2 favorite brands (as if you can’t tell from the picture), are MAC and Urban Decay. Put me in a Sephora and I can single handedly destroy my bank account along with yours, and think it is totally worth it.




Have a question about my favorite colors or what I really use everyday? Give me a shout.








Yesterday morning also began like this.













I think it is time for a new blender. I have a ‘normal’ blender, though too much moose juice has cause it to have a mental breakdown. I attempted to use my immersion blender for my green monster. Tiny green spinach flakes are not fun to clean up when you are ravenous at 6:30am. This stuff flew everywhere – I even noticed some that had dried on my foot last night.





What was in my green monster?

*Chocolate Amazing Grass

*almond milk


*frozen banana







I also had an unpictured mini whole wheat bagel with cream cheese.







After discovering the price of the Vitamix last night (which I refuse to disclose here since I will most likely walk through the door with one this weekend and would like to save my husband a heart attack) – I am deciding whether to bite the bullet and get it, or get a cheaper blender. Any suggestions?








Around 11:00 I had some of this Oikos with pumpkin spice granola.











I usually am a plain Fage girl, but had some coupons for Oikos.







Around 2:30 I had some leftover veggie soup and a honeycrisp. Check out the recipe.
















And dove right into this puppy. Have you checked out Ange’s bakery?











If not, swing by Glo Bakery and order some bars. They are more than worth it.







After that, I went on an excursion to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s with my brother. I only go every 3rd week or so because it is about 35 minutes away, but is a real pain to get to.









I was starving because I did not eat much, so I had about 56 of these.











Chocolate Chewies from Whole Foods.









And we also ate almost the entire container of these during the car ride back.















 Hi. My name is Jessica and I’m a shopaholic.






I have issues.












That was only about half the stash. 













This may be my most favorite purchase EVAAHH.












I think  I have shared with many of you my obsession with figs. I live for figs.


I have an excellent recipe to try out so stop back in the next few days.







My husband finally made it home after 3 hours of sitting in traffic coming from the airport.

Ah, he was a joy. He was especially hangry, as you can imagine after sitting in gridlocked traffic in the pouring rain.




He asked me to make him a ‘sandwhich-thing’ with some leftover filet we had in the fridge. I sauteed some onions and mushrooms, and decided to throw the mix between 2 whole grain tortillas.












































He was not a happy camper when he saw what I made. He didn’t want this, he wanted a sandwhich. After a brief temper tantrum, he ate it anyway. It was pretty fabulous.







I had some whole wheat naan for the first time.











Um, why on earth have I never had naan? I broiled it with some low-fat mozzarella and asiago. It was amazing, to say the least.






Today it looks like this outside.











Now it’s my turn to throw a tantrum like a 5 year old because all I want to do it go to the darn pumpkin patch.




Oh well. I will drown my sorrows in more Chocolate Chewies.



Up next: a spin on good ole’ chocolate chip cookies.