I still consider myself a newlywed even though I have been married a year. Maybe because I’ve had a hard time…adjusting. Regardless, everyone still treats me like a newlywed and I am so often asked the question… ‘do you cook?’


Um, excuse me?



Is there such a thing as not cooking?



I kid. I kid. I know there are plenty of you that don’t enjoy cooking and baking like I do. So I respond (while trying to hide a highly annoyed, dramatic ‘you-don’t-even-know-me’ face because I don’t just cook, I COOK)… ‘why yes, I cook.’



That generates a smile. Which turns into a smirk. 



‘Well since you cook, I bet you don’t like to clean.’



BINGO. I don’t like to clean anything.


I even get annoyed when I have to wash my face.



And don’t give me the ‘ew, that is gross’ thought – just remember last Saturday night when you fell asleep on the couch with a full face of makeup on, awoke groggily at 1 am, only to remember you still needed to cover your face in freezing-cold water and soap that burns your eyes. And for that moment you probably wondered if you could trick your mind into thinking that you sleep-walked upstairs to bed to relieve yourself from the guilt your broken-out face would  feel Sunday morning.



Oh wait. That probably wasn’t you. Because you probably have a life on Saturday night that does not including eating sea-salted chocolate and watching 27 Dresses. My bad.



So I hate to clean. I also hate laundry. I do many nice things for my husband, but laundry isn’t one of them. In fact, if I ever made the offer he would instantly decline, knowing that it would be a good 5 weeks before it was finished.




So imagine his excitement when I sent him this text message last night.













His response?










He may have a point.



Did you enjoy his open letter professing his love for protein bars?




I did, and decided to profess my love for these bars.






















They are amazing. Like OH.EMMM.GEEEE amazing. 



As in, I know no restraint when it comes to these bars. Please stop by Glo Bakery and order some NOW.





How do you like this creation?











Are you looking at this, wondering ‘hmmm, which pumpkin creation did Jessica make today?’










So I am.






Because this is just a pumpkin pie Blizzard from the good ole’ DQ up the road.











Sorry to disappoint, folks.






And because I have been all shades of negative lately, I am going to start posting my ‘something to be thankful for’ everyday. Feel free to join in.


Something I’m thankful for: my health.






And because it’s fun, I am going to start hosting…

Trivia Fridays!



Here’s how it works:


-3 questions are posted Friday morning. 


-You have until midnight (EST) Friday to qualify – leave your answer in the comments section.


-The comments will not be made public until Saturday. I will get it, but it will not appear. So please do not comment 324 times like I have in situations like these. One comment per person.


-Everyone who answers correctly will be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize EVERY MONTH. This means if you participate in FOUR trivia Friday’s in one month, you have FOUR chances to win. I sure am good at math.


-The prize will be different each time and announced on the 15th of the month. It may be small, it may be big. It may be tangible or not. It may be a lock of my hair. Who knows? Either way, it will be announced mid-month. 


-The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the last day of the month. If the last day falls on a Friday, winner will be chosen Saturday.



Oh, and if you are super-excited that October is almost over and it is almost prize time? You lose. Because we are startin’ today and going through November. That’s SIX chances to win this go ’round. Thank my brother for this super-fun idea.



1. What 2002 feature film, starring Eddie Murphy, is considered the biggest bust of all time with a budget between 90-100 million and grossing only 4.4 million at US Box offices?

2. How many times can an NFL team play on a Monday night in a single season?

3. What is the most popular store-bought cookie in the US?





Thanks for playing!




If you’ve made your way here looking for a recipe, why not try one of these this weekend? 

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