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With all of the hype surrounding the movie theater popcorn, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I heard Good Morning America say ‘coconut oil is the absolute worst oil you could ever eat.’


Of course, I do not condone eating movie popcorn made with 1-2 cups of oil. However, ingested in small quantities, coconut oil does have some benefits. I know some are controversial, but I have heard it helps with hypothyroidism (which I have), among other things. That is not why I love it – I love it because it tastes amazing. But like everything else: in moderation people!


I’ve wondered for awhile what the difference is between coconut butter and coconut oil. I have used coconut oil for years, and I have never seen coconut butter anywhere. I know it exists, but I also have heard people calling coconut oil at it’s solid temperature ‘butter.’

I researched it a bit tonight and this is what I learned:


Coconut oil is the pure oil from the coconut.

Coconut butter is oil mixed with some of the meat of the coconut.


Both have benefits, albeit different ones.


I have never seen coconut butter anywhere, but I would LOVE to try it. Any suggestions for me? Coconut is my favorite flavor of all time.



Tonight, we shopped for a bit more unnecessary Christmas decor, and got a Santa that appears to be wearing Ugg boots. He is super-cute!



I dropped my hub off at home so he could get a bite to eat, and I jetted to the grocery store. He was starving, and the 2 of us in my the kitchen just don’t mix



When I got home, I had a lovely egg in a hole.








On whole grain tuscany bread, this is fabulous!



I also ate an entire bag snacked on some Stacy’s chips.





If you’ve never seen a Fitness America contest before, the contest is taking place tonight and there is a free webcast! I never pass this up, because the shows are no longer on television in the US. I am a lil’ sad I’m not competing with some friends, but cuddled up on the couch with the christmas tree is the next best thing. :)


See you Saturday!



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