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Have you guys checked out my frequently asked fitness questions?



Don’t miss this comforting cheese soup – make it this weekend!



Last night I made vegetarian enchiladas. I just threw a bunch of stuff together, and they came out amazing. I have made chicken enchiladas for years, and I make them every few weeks for my husband and brothers. I was hesitant about making veggie ones, since I don’t really like veggies.




 To make:

I sauteed-

potato chunks

chopped onion

red and green peppers




Once they were soft, I added in 1/2 cup black beans, 1/2 cup refried beans, and 1 cup of enchilada red sauce. After the mixture thickened, I added some monteray jack cheese. I used La Tortilla Factory high-fiber tortillas in the green onion flavor – this flavor is incredible! I highly recommend it. 

I covered my enchiladas in sauce and cheese, then baked for about 20 minutes. They were very tasty. 



Friday Trivia #5!

Remember, you are entering to win a copy of the popular Martha Stewart’s Cookies – just in time for the holidays! If you already have it, you know it would make a great gift.


Here are the guidelines:

-3 questions are posted Friday morning. 


-You have until midnight (EST) Friday to qualify –leave your answer in the comments section.


-The comments will not be made public until Saturday. I will get it, but it will not appear. So please do not comment 324 times like I have in situations like these. One comment per person.


-Everyone who answers correctly will be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize EVERY MONTH. This means if you participate in FOUR trivia Fridays in one month, you have FOUR chances to win. I sure am good at math.


-The prize will be different each time and announced on the 15th of the month. It may be small, it may be big. It may be tangible or not. It may be a lock of my hair. Who knows? Either way, it will be announced mid-month. 


-The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the last day of the month. If the last day falls on a Friday, winner will be chosen Saturday.


Thank my brother for this super-fun idea.




1. What current Pittsburgh Steeler nearly lost his life after playing a game in the high elevation of denver because he was unaware of his rail sickle cell condition?

2. What movie holds the Guinness world record for most swearing in a film?

3.  What is the name of the vampire bar in HBO’s True Blood?


Thank’s for playin’!



Have a fantastic Friday! Check my FIT BITES page for updates!