Last night, we all went out to eat at a little Italian restaurant, because we apparently didn’t stuff ourselves enough on Thursday. I had an incredible meal.


Cheese ravioli in a gorgonzola cream sauce with walnuts and artichokes.



Are you drooling yet?


The meal was incredible, but as you can see it was drenched in sauce. It was a bit heavy so I only had a few bites and brought the rest home. So delicious, though.



Remember that cheese bread I wrote about on Thanksgiving morning? We’ll it’s obviously gone, since I ate it all in about 5 minutes. But do you know what made that cheese bread better?


More cheese.






Today, I was so excited to go shopping with my mom and our friend, Barb. I grabbed some Starbuck’s before since they were late, as usual to make my spirits bright.




I am pretty sure that the peppermint white chocolate mocha is my fave. You really wouldn’t know that I didn’t care for coffee, would you?


Oh wait. Peppermint white chocolate mocha’s aren’t coffee.


They are crack.


I only had a few sips because I am so wasteful before we went into our first boutique. It was worth it, too, since I would rather drink the champagne punch they were serving instead.




The second store had it in for me and my jeans. Luckily, I live in Victoria’s Secrets yoga pants. That = lots of room for expansion.

Good thing too, since there were lot’s of treats.




We finally started going to normal places that don’t feed you while shopping – like the mall. Instead, they prefer showing 5’10”, 95lb mannequins who wear skinny jeans and tall boots that would never fit my tree trunks that some refer to as legs.


Good thing all I wanted to buy was candles.


After shopping, we had some leftovers, which as you know – meant lots of vegetables for me.



And see that gravy, it’s brown, which means it’s healthy. It might even be whole-wheat gravy. So in that case, I had seconds.



My husband followed suit and had a nice vegetarian meal.




Not really.

The day my husband eats a vegetarian meal will be the day I can wear skinny jeans and tall boots without being mistaken for a dwarf. 


A girl can dream.


Well, I’m off to nag him to the point that he agrees to watch Four Christmases with me, and pretends to enjoy it. Happy holidays. :)




With all of these heavy meals over the past few days, I am feeling a challenge coming up until Christmas. I am always looking to take my fitness to another level, and I really would like to work hard these next 30 days. What do ya think? Would you like to join me?