Mornin’ to ya!


It is so bright and sunny here in Pittsburgh, you’d think it was Summer. The temperature is not too bad either. Is it wrong to say I wish it was chilly?


I love brisk weather. Since I began decorating for Christmas, I need some snow in my life.


Some of you were interested in hearing exactly what my HIIT workout is. This is the Precor elliptical I usually use:


Luckily, ours have TV’s attached. I usually don’t watch TV while working out (I need upbeat music), but I do have it on as an additional distraction while I’m beating my own butt. I also don’t read ever while working out. I do not even see how that is possible. If I am not getting a kick-butt workout at the gym, I’d rather be outside walking around.


Remember, my HIIT workout is specifically for the above elliptical. If you try it on a different machine, it may be easier or more difficult. You may need to adjust the settings.


Precor elliptical HIIT workout:

5 minute warm-up

For the next 20 minutes:

20 seconds with settings at

  • ramp = 15
  • resistance = 15
  • rpms/strides = 155-160 (this is the killer!)

40 seconds with settings at

  • ramp = 15
  • resistance = 7
  • rpms/strides = 115-120

5-10 minute cool-down


Those 40 seconds allow your heart rate to slightly drop, then just when you start to feel slightly better, you are going full force again.


Please make sure you are active and fit before ever trying this workout. It is a doozy. I recommend being supervised by a trainer or performing it with a friend. I never pass this workout on to clients unless I know they are extremely fit and ready for it.



Another favorite? When I’m pressed for time (who isn’t?), one of my favorite quick workouts is this cardio and light strength training circuit. It is perfect for the weeks I have missed some of my strength training days.



Cardio & Strength Circuit

5 minute warm up

5 minutes of intense cardio cardio (elliptical, treadmill, etc)

50 walking lunges (no added weight)

30 pushups

20 pullups (you can use weight-assisted if needed)

60 second plank hold

Repeat 5 times


I love this one. It has been a staple of mine for about 4 years. I only do it every few weeks, but it is a fun one. The time also passes quickly.


What are some of your favorite workouts?


I mentioned before that last year I ran a women’s outdoor bootcamp. That was super fun. Here is another bootcamp workout I love. This can be done outdoors (for those of you with warm weather), or in a big open room, like the group fitness room at your gym.

Most gym’s are pretty acommadating and allow members to use the group fitness room when classes are not being held. All you can do is ask. :)


4 corners Bootcamp

For this workout, you need:

  • 4 cones or markers (you only need these if you are outdoors to mark 4 corners)
  • a mat
  • one moderate-heavy dumbbell (think 15-20lbs)
  • a set of light-moderate dumbbells (think 5-15lbs)
  • one resistance band


To begin, mark 4 corners if you are outdoors, creating a large square. If you are indoors, you already have your four corners.



  • the set of dumbbells in the 1st corner
  • the one heavier dumbbell in the 2nd corner
  • the mat in the 3rd corner
  • the resistance band in the 4th corner


From the distance from one marker to the other (or one corner to the other), each exercise is performed:

from the first corner to the second corner: bear crawls

from the second corner to the third corner: high knees

from the third corner to the fourth corner: crab walks

from the fourth corner to the first corner: sprint


The first set of exercises are:

1st corner: 20 alternating lunges with dumbbells

2nd corner: 20 plie’ squats with the single dumbbell

3rd corner:  20 pushups

4th corner: 15 side lateral raises with resistance band


The circuit should go: 20 alternating lunges, bear crawl to the 2nd corner, 20 plie’ squats, high knees to the 3rd corner, 20 pushups, crab walks to the 4th corner, side lateral raises, sprint back to the first corner. REPEAT.


Get it?


After completing it twice, we move on to the next set of exercises.

The second set of exercises are:

1st corner: overhead dumbbell shoulder press, while standing

2nd corner: 20 burpees

3rd corner:  plank hold, sing the ABC’s 5 times to hold it.

4th corner: 20 biceps curls with resistance band


The same traveling exercises are done inbetween corners. REPEAT.


It can seem complicated, but this is a very fun workout with friends or a group. Also, if you happen to be a trainer, I have performed workouts like these on hundreds of clients. They love the them – it is a nice change from the normal routine of free weights and machines.


If you’ve missed some of the other workouts I’ve posted, you can find them here:

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If you have any questions about certain exercises, please feel free to ask.


Enjoy your Wednesday! :)


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