It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas.

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I’ve been listening to Christmas music for well over 2 weeks now. It makes me so joyful. I love listening to the music that my parents always listened to as we were growing up. It would play in the house a few days before Christmas, and especially the morning of Christmas day. Ones we frequently listened to (and that I also listen to, since I am an old fart), would be Barry Manilow, Amy Grant, Jim Brickman, Kenny G, and the likes.


Of course to my list I’ve added a bunch more, like my sexay luva Michael Buble and Sarah MaLachlin. Also – my first true love, James Taylor. And come on, I know some of you love the N’SYNC Christmas CD like I do. I never even liked N’SYNC, but that CD is unbeatable.


My new favorite Christmas CD that I got last year? Kristen Chenoweth. It is GREAT! Please go out and get it, because even my husband loves it.


This morning began with some protein pancakes, pumpkin-chocolate chip style.





Wednesday is normally an off day, so I didn’t workout today. Instead, I came home, ripped apart one of our Christmas tree’s I had already decorated, and let my good friend Barb use her amazing skills to help me out re-decorating. Our family room (where one tree is) has alot of green, tan and light blue tones, along with some burnt orange.


I put some of these beauties inside the tree.



They may look red in this picture, but they are the most gorgeous shade of burnt, sparkly orange. I wish you all could come over and see them.



We topped the same tree with this sparkly knick-knack.




My husband just loves it.



And we decorated the foyer with some of these.




I love Christmas. I am only about 1/48th of the way finished with decorating, but it is completely worth it.




We splurged on a bit of pizza for dinner.





And for dessert, had chocolate sheet cake that I made from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook






It is so chocolate-y and fabulous. I hope you all give it a try.



‘Twas a great day. 

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week. I hope it’s speedy. :)


It is now time to crawl under the sheets where my husband is already asleep. I hope he doesn’t smell like rotten eggs.