When we woke up this morning, my husband made some of his fabulous pancakes.




They were tasty. 



Over the weekend we hung these nifty shelves on one of our kitchen walls.




I think they are so neat.


Notice the picture of Mother Lovett in the upper right corner. I set it up there so she could ‘look over’ me while I cook and bake.


My husband quickly noted that this was the first time she had looked over me since I was about 8 years old, considering she was 4 feet tall.




We also hung some other funky shelves in our family room. As I was cleaning up, I noticed something new had been set on the shelf.




Oh, no.


This is not happening.



There is no way that is staying there. I had enough of that before we moved in.




I threatened my husband’s life lovingly let my husband know I was moving that piece of garbage thing, while he was outside fighting with a tree.




After watching an excruciating Steeler’s loss, we decided to eat our emotions.


Luckily, we made healthy choices.


I started off with a green monster.







I think this would be the best green monster I’ve ever had. I’m having another one tomorrow morning for breakfast.




We got some protein-packed white-meat chicken.






And some iron-packed lean beef.








Along with some vegetables on the side.







Quite balanced, don’t you think?




The evening ended well.





After I had to be carried out to the car we replenished our body with these healthy eats, we stopped to visit Eddie’s aunt and my parent’s who just returned from St Maarten.




It was a nice little Sunday. Hope yours was super. :)