Happy Saturday!


This morning, I repeated my dinner from last night, but in a double dose.




The orange juice made this meal. I haven’t had orange juice in ages – I never have drank much more than water, because I love it. But my husband has been having a glass of OJ in the morning, and I joined in the fun today. It was so refreshing. :)


After a fun filled day of decorating (love it), cooking (love it more), cleaning (ugh…I didn’t clean the toilet though), and organizing, I ran out to return some lights that we didn’t need. 


I got an eggnog latte:




Not too sure how I feel about this. I enjoy a sip of eggnog during the holidays, but not much (again, I don’t like many drinks other than water. Or wine. Or margaritas. You get the jist.). This was not quite sweet enough for me since I do not love coffee, and it had way too much nutmeg – which I normally love.


So I did this instead.




Much better.


We have 2 family rooms in our house, which means 2 Christmas trees. :)

Actually, we only have 2 trees for a very good reason. Last year, when we lived in the wonderful castle, my hubby surprised me with a Christmas tree. Being the biggest bachelor on earth, he had never had decorations. I threw tantrums everyday while living there was none too happy about our living situation, so I didn’t plan to decorate. 

A few days before Christmas, while I was baking cookies at my parent’s house, he bought and decorated a tree. He had orginally bought a beautiful tree that was a great deal.

It was 8 feet tall.

It obviously didn’t fit, so he went out and bought a second tree. The first was non-returnable, leaving us with 2 trees.


This made me extremely excited! Yes – I am usually one to decorate right after Thanksgiving, but with some busy weekends coming up and my incessant harassing of my husband, I began to decorate last week.


The back family room is where the big tree went. I knew I wanted the color theme to be deep reds, festive purples, a bit of pinks, golds and greens. These are a few of the ornaments that I love.















Just a few of these beauties scattered throughout the tree.







Here is a crackberry pic – the best one I have at the moment.





I’m spending the rest of the evening hanging with my hubby and brother, eating some snacks and drinking some wine.

Sounds fun, right? It will be.


But this just means 2 times the man-stink in my house tonight. Candles are a’burnin’.


Starting tomorrow, I’ll be featuring Holiday Appetizers 101 for all of your entertaining needs. In the meantime, make this chocolate cake.  :)