One of the biggest complaints I hear about from women is how ‘flabby’ their arms are. I normally don’t condone working 1 body part at a time (well, 2, in this case), and by no means think that one certain workout will change a person’s body. But here is a killer arm workout that I thought ya’ll would enjoy. :)

25 Days of Workouts


20 push-ups

4 x 12 reps:

Triceps Overhead Extension

Triceps Rope Pulldown

Triceps Dips

20 push-ups

4 sets 12 reps:

Incline Biceps Curls

Standing Barbells Curls

Hammer Curls

20 push-ups

Remember: use a challenging weight! By the 12th repetition, it should be extremely challenging!

A while back I mentioned my favorite push-up trick: perform a certain number of push-ups everyday! They will eventually get easier, and you’ll feel stronger. If you can only do 1, continue with that every day until you can do 2, and so one. Set a goal to do 10 each day, and GET THEM DONE. :) Who’s been keepin’ up?