This weekend we had a light touch of snow.



I get so excited by snow. I love it. And I know I haven’t failed to mention how much I love the holidays.


I truly feel like a kid. I don’t feel like I’m 27. I feel like I’m 7. I’m sure this just thrills my husband. It also probably explains my behavior.


I have never, ever, ever wanted the holidays to be over. They still give me a sense of magic. I’m sure it stems from growing up with an exceptional childhood. I still want to spend Christmas Eve at my parent’s house.


And I’m not referring to presents. Yes, I love them. Yes, if you want to buy me some Christian Louboutin shoes I would gladly accept. But what it all comes down to for me?

It’s family. I think my siblings and cousins would agree that spending Christmas Eve at Mother Lovett’s house is one of our best memories.

Even the year when my cousin, Chris, nailed me in the face with a ball right before I had to sing at midnight mass. Thanks, Chris.


It’s the memories like those that I love. The tradition of opening our gifts Christmas morning, laying around with Chrismas music in the background. You know – to this day – my brothers and I (ages 22, 25, and 27) still make my parents put the presents out after we go to sleep on Christmas Eve? We won’t let the magic die.

I don’t understand the anger that comes out during the holidays. That people can’t wait for it to be over. I am not talking about missing someone at Christmastime. I am talking about the people who just find the holidays to be a pain in the butt. I do think it is a bit much decorating in October, and do not agree with how the media sensationalizes it.

But, the holidays have never been that way for me. It’s never been about decorations and gifts – both of which I love. It’s about the memories to me, the comfort that comes with thinking of them, and the love that has always surrounded me.


I guess in a way, I’ve always believed in the holidays. Are you a believer?




Have you made any small changes yet in December? Are you saving them for January 1st? Don’t feel any guilt about eating and exercising this time of year, but changing one small thing can make a world of difference come January 1st! :)


A note about the December 25 workouts: I haven’t posted these in any succession or as a certain workout ‘plan.’ I’ve just been posting multiple different workouts, and I hope you have been enjoying them! If any of you are interested, I can post a workout plan starting January 1st!


25 Days of Workouts

Workout #7 – Upper Body with Resistance Bands

This can be done in the comfort of your own home, or at the gym. Most gyms provide resistance bands. As usual, make sure to use the band that challenges you the most.


20 Pushups


20 reps of each:

Overhead Shoulder Press (stand/sit with band under feet/chair)

Bent Over Row (stand w/ band under feet)

Chest Press (lay on floor/bench with band underneath)

Lat Pulldown (wrap band around higher object, like stair rail)

Pec Flyes (lay on floor/bench with band underneathe)

Side Lateral Raise (stand w/ band under feet)

Overhead Triceps Ext (stand/sit w/ band under feet/chair)

Biceps Curl (stand/sit w/ band under feet/chair)


20 Triceps Dips

20 Pushups


These are just some quickie guidelines for you. If you are unsure of an exercise, please ask! I’m sure you can also find some examples on you tube of using the resistance band. :)