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A few weeks ago while shopping, my mom, our friend Barb, and I came across this punch in one of our favorite stores that we spend waaay too much money in.


This is probably the reason it is one of our favorite stores – it serves cheesecake and booze on Saturday afternoons.  Treats, liquor, and spending money?


I’m in. My middle name is ‘trouble’. And that store owner is brilliant.


We wrestled the owner to the floor for the recipe for the punch. It was the punch! The punch made us do it.


Not really.


She just gave it to us. But I thought it tasted a lot more special that that. It was so refreshing and bubbly. I couldn’t pass it up. I think I had 5 glasses.



It’s a simple combo of orange juice, orange seltzer, champagne, and ginger ale.




Adding the floating strawberries also gives it an elegant touch. 




See those lovely bubbles?





I tend to stay away from anything carbonated. The bubbles normally hurt my throat, chest, nose, and ears. I also really don’t like the taste of soda. 


(I call it ‘pop’ here in Pittsburgh, but my hubby always corrects me and tells me it is ‘soda.’ He is also from Pittsburgh. He doesn’t want a hilbilly for a wife. 


Too late.)


This punch is just slightly carbonated and is perfect. It is more ‘sparkling’ than it is ‘carbonated.’ I think it is fabulous for parties, family gatherings, holiday brunches, and every single Monday night for the rest of my life.


Who doesn’t need a little kick to forget their Monday?



Champagne Punch

1 bottle of champagne

16 oz ginger ale

8 oz orange seltzer

8 oz orange juice

1 pint strawberries, sliced.

Combine all liquid ingredients in a large punch bowl. Add slice strawberries to float.

This punch can be made in a large or smaller amount. It is incredibly refreshing and fun.




Do you have any special punch recipes you use?




Please pass along. I’d like some variety in forgetting my Monday’s.