When Julie suggested doing a food blogger swap, I thought it was a fabulous idea and was super excited. We had planned on sending each other some local foods and things from around our area.


Julie did an awesome job! Me? My items were a bit random, because I just couldn’t figure out how to send a package of Primanti’s sandwiches and thought sending a bottle of Heinz ketchup was lame. Head on over to Julie’s blog to see what I sent her.


Her package was incredible.



She sent me a bag of pumpkin Kisses, since I couldn’t find them anywhere around here. She also sent me Glo Bars, which really thrilled me since I had just finished mine. I also got to try some flavors that I didn’t order. She also added the newer Larabar flavors, which I haven’t got around to tasting yet.


This may have been the best product she sent.



Maple butter! Oh my goodness – this is so delicious. I love it. I am ready to move to Wisconsin.



Also in the package was some special pepper seasoning from her local farmer’s market, including recipes.



I can’t wait to try this. I think it will be great on roasted veggies, burgers and chicken.



Julie obviously knows I have a huge sweet tooth, too.



She sent me fantastic dark chocolate, which I tried to save and eat piece by piece. I failed miserably, and finished it off quickly.


This was so much fun, and I really looked forward to trying some of Julie’s favorite things. I love the idea of a Food Blogger Exchange. What do you think?


Don’t forget to check out Julie’s blog and see what I sent her!




25 Days of Workouts



3 sets of 25 reps:


Lunges (perform entire set on one leg first, then move to other. It saves time.)

Squats with Leg Lift to the side: Squat and when coming up out of squat, lift leg to the side. Alternate.

Side Walks

Butt Pushback (this baby burns!)


I know that some of these can be tricky using a band. I found this link that shows a few examples with different names: side steps are side walks, butt blasters and butt pushbacks.

Any questions? You know the drill. Ask away. :)