Good evening. :)

I’ve been cleaning and relaxing this evening, with one of my most favorite candles burning:


And the trees lit:


With some Christmas music playing. My favorite way to relax!

I have been craving Thai food for weeks. My hubby and I used to eat it all the time – in fact we ate it on our first New Year’s Eve together. Unfortunately, someone has a habit of eating something 6 times a day everyday until they are sick of it. Hint: it’s not me.

I made my own peanut sauce w/ some whole wheat noodles and shrimp.


The year is winding down and exercise is probably one of the last things on your list, right? Just think – in 2 more weeks it is a new year, and time to start over! Wrong.

Have many other times have we made ‘resolutions’? They obviously haven’t stuck, and it’s time to change somethin’! Think of some small changes you can make in the next 2 weeks that will make you feel better and more confident.

Everyone falls off the wagon sometimes, but the key is being able to get right back on. So start eating healthier today, right now, at your next meal. I’m not saying skip the cookies- but make some smarter choices this week! And by all means, rev up that exercise.

And remember – next week I’ll be posting the first workouts for the No More Resolutions January challenge!

25 Days of Workouts

10 minute warm up

For 15-20 minutes follow:

15 seconds at 9.0 mph

45 seconds at 4.5 mph

10 minute cool down

Take it at your own pace – stop if anything feels off. This should be your only cardio for the day. Don’t overdo it!