Happy Friday. :)

Every year since I can remember, my dad has delivered poinsettias to friends and family. Since we have our own house now, we got one too.


It is gorgeous and ginormous and we have no place other than the floor for it. But we love it! Thanks, Dad!

In need of some appetizers for the weekend? Check out the appetizer recap!


Do you do any holiday baking?

One of the reasons I love our house:


Counter space. And this is only 1/3 of it.

Speaking of these cookies:


I already need to make more, because we’ve eaten an entire double batch. Oops.

And the red velvet cookies are on their way out, too.


Something I don’t have? Restraint.

If you’re looking for an amazing dish for Christmas, try this Lobster Mac & Cheese.


It is mouth-watering, cheesy, and worth every additional 6lbs you gain from it.

Today will be the last trivia for 2009! I decided to skip out on Christmas Day…just because. :) The winner will be randomly drawn tomorrow.

And what will you win?

A bottle of my most favorite balsamic vinegar from Williams Sonoma. Yum!

25-Year Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar

To play:

Enter you answers in the comments section. It won’t appear, but will be made public tomorrow morning. If you’ve entered the last 2 weeks, you have 3 chances to win! Have fun. :)


1. Which Spice Girl was the first to marry?
2. In 1998 who did Vanity Fair describe as “simply the world’s biggest heart throb?”
3. What part of the banana is used to make banana oil?

One of these may be tricky. ;)