Our weeknight date was perfect. :) Of course, it is now past 11pm and I’m still awake. We are big kids this week, staying up late on school work nights being so excited for Christmas.

Sherlock Holmes was such a great movie! It was funny and the characters were pretty great. I am not the best judge, as I usually enjoy most movies…like, every single one I see.

There was a fight scene at the end that was very high up, and you literally felt like you were right there. My belly was doing somersaults because I am super scared of heights. It was a really fun movie and I am so glad we went to see it. :)

We decided on PF Chang’s before the movie.

I had the most amazing martini – a jade martini.


Gorgeous color, huh? It was Malibu + Midori with a little scoop of honeydew. It was fabulous.

We had not been at PF Chang’s for a loooong time – basically because we are 85 years old, don’t like to leave the house and would rather eat my cooking. Hey – I’m just sayin’!

They have a ‘meals for 2’ special that was very extensive. Soup, appetizer, entree and dessert for 2 for $39.95! Can’t beat that deal. Now only if they would include the drinks…

We started with soup – I had egg drop.


And then I got some veggies in with the lettuce wraps.


Ugh, nothing like counting a piece of iceberg lettuce as veggies, right? I’ve really been slacking in that department.

I got the kung pao scallops for my entree – this is my favorite meal – and hubby got the spicy chicken.



After dinner, we got to pick 2 of 6 mini desserts. We chose tiramisu and cheesecake.



They were just so-so. The cake was a little stale and the strawberry on top just tasted like jelly. But they were so tiny that we gobbled them up in 2 bites!

And dinner ended with a perfect fortune…


So true.

My grandma fell on Friday night and is a little banged up. She is doing alright, but she could use your thoughts and prayers! She encompasses everything I want to be in a woman, so I need her to stick around a little while longer since I’m still growing up. Send some love her way please! :)

25 Days of Workouts


I am a firm believer in the basics when it comes to exercising. I don’t use a lot of goofy equipment, the bosu is not my favorite, and I think looking great comes down to some hard work. Occasionally, I love throwing in some fun workouts with a medicine ball. I usually use an 8lb or 10lb ball. Hope you enjoy!

Squat while holding ball overhead: 4 sets of 15

Side lunge tapping ball to the floor, and raising in the air when feet come together: 4 sets of 20

Medicine ball pushups: 4 sets of 16 (8 each side, one hand on ball)

Mountain climbers with hands on ball: 30 seconds

Seated russian twists for abs, tapping the ball to each side: 45 seconds

Throw n’ catch sit ups with ball + wall/partner: 4 sets of 15

Any questions – just ask. :)