I woke up to a little more snow this morning, wishing I was 10 years old and school would be cancelled. I still don’t want to be a grown up.


I made an awesome tropical smoothie to go with breakfast:


-ice water

-orange juice

-frozen banana

-vanilla extract

-cake batter protein powder


It tasted an orange julius + gave me 2 servings of fruit.


I am super excited because my hubby won 2 tickets to a sneak peek of Sherlock Holmes tonight!



We are going to see the movie and go out to dinner at PF Changs or Bravo. We never have dates on weeknights with work + commuting + gym taking up most of our time. It will be really fun!


What is your favorite muscle group to work? I love back and triceps. I tend to do mostly full body and upper/lower splits, but if I ever do body part splits, I live for back & triceps day!


25 Days of Workouts



All exercises are 4 sets of 12

Pullups + Rear delt flyes

Seated row + Overhead triceps extension

Lat Pulldown + Triceps Dips

Front Pulldown + Triceps pushdown



Try to do all exercises with no (minimal) rest in between, besides when you are moving to the next exercise. I do 4 sets of the first group, then move on to the second group, and so on.

I love having a strong back, and it is a muscle that many women tend to unintentionally ignore. But it looks so sexy in a backless dress. :)