Happy Sunday! :)


How much Christmas shopping did you get done this weekend? I shopped most of today, and love the hustle and bustle. I will be making many more trips before December 25th. I find this time of year to be magical.


Speaking of December, have you written down any goals you were planning on saving for the new year?? I had managed to get in all of my fruits and veggies until today. Tomorrow is a new day! 


The weekend was great – filled with holiday cheer.




And left me with a few reasons to have some great workouts this coming week!



25 Days of Workouts

Workout #5 – Treadmill HIIT

I’ve posted some of my own HIIT workouts before, and discussed HIIT more thoroughly in this post. I’ve had some requests to post a treadmill HIIT example, and I hope you remember that it is just that – an example. HIIT will be differently for everyone, as each person’s threshold is different. Remember – true HIIT is very short intervals – much less than 60 seconds. If you are doing 60 second intervals, it is not HIIT. That is interval training, which is also very effective.

A common form for HIIT (an my personal favorite) is 20 seconds off, 40 seconds on.


10 minute warm up

For 15-20 minutes perform:

20 seconds at 9.0 mph; 2.0 incline

40 seconds at 4.5 mph; 2.0 incline

10 minute cool down


Remember to hydrate, pay attention to how you feel, and stop if you feel anything is wrong. Everyone is different, so as usual the settings may need adjusted. Read more about HIIT here.


See ya Monday. :)