Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like there is no possible way that you can do it all? Work, exercise, clean – how is there time to fit everything in?

I know I feel this way often, and have to work hard to stop the feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

This especially happens during the holidays.

Have you set any goals recently? Have you failed to follow them? If so, don’t get down on yourself! It is very hard to follow anything this time of year. It is so cold that it is hard to get out of bed in the morning. There are so many holiday parties in the evenings, that you’ve skipped a few workouts.


Don’t worry about it! Start right now. Do something that will make you feel good about yourself. Write down a goal.  Prepare some healthy meals for tomorrow. Clean up your bathroom. Whatever it takes – make yourself feel good TODAY.


Think about what is holding you back. Would you rather wait until after Christmas when you are 5 lbs heavier? Are you waiting for the hustle and bustle to over? It’s always easier to find an excuse than make a change. Make that change, not an excuse. What are you waiting for?


Thinking about how you’re going to change your exercise eating habits come January 1st? Take a chance and make a small change now. Whatever your goal may be, exercise will make you feel so much more positive and confident. You will physically and mentally feel better.


What is your favorite workout?

I love to do any form of cardio. I love how it makes me feel and relieves any kind of stress I may feel. However, there is nothing like a good strength training workout to make me feel super strong – physically and emotionally. I am so appreciative that my body allows me to exercise as I do.



Participating in a December to Remember? It is never too late. Add a goal that you would like to accomplish by next week. It doesn’t have to be about exercise – it can be about life in general. :)

I have stuck to my goals for the most part, getting in more fruits and veggies than I thought I would. The past 2 days I didn’t make the bed, which frazzled me a bit in the morning. I’m a nut.



Are there holiday treats being shoved in your face left and right? Unless you really love them, say no! You’d much rather have that homemade cookie or piece of pie, wouldn’t you?


Most of the time I turn down all store-bought cookies, cakes and treats. Nothin’ beats home cookin’! 

This peanut butter cookie was an exception. It was huge, soft, and topped with chocolate.




I also had some of these gnocchi’s this week, because they are incredible.



I don’t really like tomato sauce, so I like to top my pasta with some asiago cheese.

Thanks for the gnocchi’s Barb!! Will you give me the recipe sometime? They were amazing. :)



25 Days of Workouts

Workout #10 – 5 Minute UPPER BODY 

No weights needed!


20 pushups

20 burpees

30 second plank hold (let those arms rest!)

20 clap push-ups

30 seconds mountain climbers

20 triceps dips

30 second plank hold

20 burpees

10 pushups


Repeat as many times as you’d like.


Need to feel better about your upper body? Tackle this workout a few times a week and feel the burn! And remember: keep moving!



Don’t forget to play Friday Trivia tomorrow!