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We have another super easy and quick appetizer here! :)

Have you ever seen these mini rye breads? They are near the deli counter and gourmet cheese in my grocery store.

My mom started making this appetizer last year. It is so simple and fast, but tastes delicious and unique.


You can use any spread. We like this gorgonzola spread. I think spinach and artichoke would be incredible. Flavored hummus would probably also be great.



You could also top these with a bit of cheese or preseves. Or a chunk of brie!!

Make a slice of rye with gourmet brie on top. Then go out and buy some bigger clothes.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to eat it all. And you will.

All you have to do is layer some spread on the rye breads, and pop them into the oven for about 10-15 minutes.



Talk about the perfect last minute appetizer. And as long as your pay attention, you could use the broiler – it would probably take 5 minutes or less.

Even better – you can just throw them all onto a plate when they are done.


Nothin’ fancy, because they are just going to be gobbled up anyway.

This cheese gets all bubbly and browned. It’s my most favorite way to eat cheese.


I always eat the entire top of my Lobster Mac myself. I hoard it before anyone can have it.

Have you tried that yet? It makes an excellent holiday dish.

Mini Rye Breads

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  • 1 package mini rye breads
  • 1 container cheese-flavored spread, I used gorgonzola


  • Preheat oven to 400.
  • Lay mini rye breads on a baking dish and layer a tablespoon of spread on them. Bake at 300 for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese is golden brown and bubbly.

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There are still more appetizers to come.


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And on a mushy note: thank you all so much for reading. It means the world to me. :)

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