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I braved the grocery store last night. When I say there was nothing on the shelves, there was literally nothing on the shelves.

I know I can be a bit dramatic at times, but this is not an exaggeration. There was no bread, no eggs, and no milk.

Which brings me to my next (or first) question: why the rush for eggs? Are people who are snowed in going to bake multiple cakes and eat scrambled eggs for days? And most importantly, if you are without power, you can’t even utilize the eggs. Unless you want to go all Hilary-Swank-training-for- Million-Dollar-Baby on your eggs.

I would just buy the eggs because I have a food-hoarding and money-spending problem. Just sayin’.


There weren’t any chicken breasts left either, but there were chicken tenders. Works for me.

I knew if I didn’t come home with some form of meat, my other half may throw the tantrum of all tantrums.

I grilled the chicken tenders with some McCormick’s BBQ seasoning, which we love.


See that chicken up there? Still not enough for my husband. Someone needs to go to poultry rehab.


What else I did find on the shelves?

The last lonesome bag of whole wheat slider buns. The bag was the last bread product in the store, and I had an all out catfight with a granny who was tougher than Betty White.


That isn’t true at all, but I thought it would make a nice visual. If it was true, I would have gladly handed over my wheat slider buns, pretending that she was Mother Lovett.

Sadly, we know that would never have happened because Mother Lovett didn’t know what ‘whole wheat’ was, and liked to slather her white buns with 2 sticks of butter. It’s what kept her kickin’ all those years.


There is something fun about having sliders for dinner on a weeknight. It feels like you are having your own personal little party.


Not to mention that these are 100% healthy. They are chock-full of white meat chicken, low-fat cheese, whole wheat bread, with a touch of barbeque and ranch.



Super tasty, and especially pleasing to protein-obsessed, I-must-eat-as-much-as-I-can-in-one-sitting hubby’s.

It makes them feel like they are eating lots. Secretly, we know they aren’t.


BBQ Ranch Chicken Sliders

Makes 6

1/5 -2 lbs chicken, grilled and shredded

6 whole wheat slider buns

2 slices of low-fat monteray jack cheese, cut in four pieces

1/4 cup barbeque sauce

2 tablespoons low-fat ranch dressing

lettuce for garnish

Once chicken is shredded, mix with barbeque sauce until thoroughly combined. Toast slider buns.

On each slider bun, add roughly 1-1.5 ounces of shredded chicken. Top with a teaspoon on ranch dressing, and a piece of cheese. Add lettuce.

Serve with sweet potato fries.



What is that one item you can’t live without in a snow storm? I am going with cheese and bacon. I would find a way to make that bacon, even if I had to fry it over a fire.

Oh, and I took down an entire bag of Stacy’s cinnamon pita chips while we were snowed in without power, so I guess those are on the list, too. Hubby shovels, I scarf pita chips. We have an excellent balance of work in our home, don’t you think?