I’ve been neglecting this little fitness page I have here.

I’d love to say that it is because I have been incredibily productive, cleaned our entire home, and got rid of all my husband’s WWF wrestler figurines.

Really, I’ve just had my feet propped up, and have been busy reading trashy magazines and watching TV that would disgust our past generations.

Feels so good.


Starting today, you will find some new material on Fit Bites.

I use the word material loosely.


What can you expect?


Wednesday: Afternoon Delight – what is my favorite lunch of the moment? You know I get bored easily.


Thursday: Menu of the week. Entertaining this weekend? You’ll find some exciting recipes thrown together.


Saturday/Sunday: Marriage Mayhem. What have Mr. How Sweet and I been up to?


Monday: Fitness Kick Start. Start your week off right with my favorite workout, tips or tricks.


Stay tuned!