According to my best bud, Heather, if you really want to impress your newest flavor of the month, cooking dinner on the 3rd date is an excellent idea.

I didn’t do this, because Mr. How Sweet’s love cave gave me the heebie jeebies. And I was still busy living at home with my parents since he was robbing the cradle.

Starters: Firecracker Shrimp

Side Salad: Chopped Salad (minus the chicken)

Main Course: Chicken, Bacon and Spinach Flatbread Pizza

Dessert: Ice Cream Crepes

You need

1/2lb shrimp

fresh lettuce + veggies for salad + spinach for pizza

1-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts


ice cream flavor of choice

fresh fruit for crepes

cheeses: cream cheese, parmesan, shredded mozzarella

Game Plan

The day before: Make crepes. Fill with ice cream and freeze. Prepare fruit or fudge sauce for crepes and refrigerate. Grill chicken for pizza. Partially fry bacon for pizza. Refrigerate chicken and bacon. Set table.

The day of: 2 hours before date arrives, prepare dough and let rise. Chop veggies for salad and keep them in separate bowls. 1 hour before date arrives, prep pizza ingredients for quick assembly. 25 minutes before date arrives, make shrimp and assemble pizza. When date arrives, serve shrimp and put pizza in the oven. Assemble salad. 15 minutes before dessert, set crepes out to thaw.