No, he doesn’t technically have one.

However, I often joke insist that he needs one. For now, this beautiful cooler is his man purse.

Unfortunately, I have to thank my mom for this. She bought Mr. How Sweet a Nascar-themed basket which included this cooler at a charity auction a few years ago. Just what we needed – more dyecast cars.

Anytime he leaves the house, you can guarantee that Mr. How Sweet has these incredibly important items with him.

I’m giving you a sneak peek inside.

Water: he usually has 4-5 bottles with him. I guess he is preparing in case a Y2K-like emergency springs up. Or he has to eat 3 chicken breasts on the road before he spontaneously combusts. That chicken is dry, you know. I just always hope there is a restroom where ever we are going.

Phone. Even though his cell phone is from the stone age, dies within the hour after being charged, doesn’t get service unless he is standing on his head, and is never answered no matter how many times it rings, this is a must. Because, you just never know when you might stumble upon a tic-tac-toe-playing-chicken and need to take a picture or call someone who doesn’t care at all to tell them about it.

iPod. I agree on this one. As long as Mr. How Sweet’s hands are off of the radio while we are in the car, this means I won’t accidentally stab him. His iPod equals less channel changing.

Protein bars. Heaven forbid we ever leave the house without a sufficient supply of protein. Didn’t you know that you must have protein with you at all times? It is necessary in emergencies, like eating 2 PF Changs entrees without being satisfied, having a minor meltdown during a movie because of serious starvation, or having a nasty case of hungry angry husband syndrome.

Chapstick. Let’s just say that the first time I sat down in Mr. How Sweet’s car and saw 8 different chapstick’s in the console, I lost it. This was only amplified when I found that he had a chapstick in every possible place and everywhere he went at all times. I tried to make him choose – me or the chapstick – but then I came to love the fact that he always has a chapstick on him when my lips are dry. He is thrilled I just told you this. Trust me.

Wallet. No complaints here. In fact, I enjoy forgetting mine when I’m with Mr. How Sweet. I highly encourage this behavior.

Keys. I like this one, too. Know why? Sometimes, when I want to hit him with a frying pan politely have some time alone, these keys take Mr. How Sweet far, far away, to places like the local horse racing track. They also take him to work everyday so I can blow copious amounts of money on shoes and other things that I just really don’t need. Ever.

Mr. How Sweet’s man purse is filled with a few more miscellaneous items, such as bills, receipts, house keys, sunglasses and Garth Brooks cassette tapes. There is also some loose change in there in case Mr. How Sweet needs to use a pay phone or buy some penny candy. Oh, the good old days.