I rarely do body-part split workouts any more. I have a solid muscle base and don’t need to build much more. I also despise working certain muscle groups, and began skipping those days all together for some extra time on the elliptical with a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon.

Nothing like burning some brain cells while you’re burning some fat.

Some days, I’m just really in the mood to hit a muscle group hard, if for no other reason that I want to lift heavy.

Chest is one of those muscle groups that I just dread working. It’s a complete snoozefest.

So I added some shoulder exercises in today to keep me interested. And of course, some cardio bursts at the end. I just can’t sit still.

Chest & Shoulders Supersets

4 sets of 10 reps for each

Incline dumbbell chest press


Overhead shoulder press

Dumbbell chest fly

Dumbbell lateral side raise

Barbell front raise

20 Burpees

60 seconds Mountain climbers

20 pushups

Repeat the last 3 exercises twice.