Over the past few months I have come to determine that I don’t enjoy foods at extreme temperatures.

Warm drinks like coffee, or dirty water as I like to call it, make me feel queasy and cold foods, like popsicles, hurt my teeth and take too long to eat. If it can’t get into my belly in .5 seconds, I’m not interested.



As expected, ice cream has always fallen into this category too. It has never been my go-to dessert. And if I do have it, I want texture – think chunks, swirls, sprinkles, and syrups. However, in true How Sweet fashion, I would never pass up a $16 cup of ‘gotta have it’ mud-pie-mojo at Coldstone.



Lately, I’ve been craving ice cream.

Yes, it has been abnormally hot and humid here. And if you didn’t already know, when I am hot and subjected to humidity for any period of time, I grow horns and carry a pitchfork. Me being hot is similar to Mr. How Sweet being hungry.

The heat could be to blame. Or maybe my taste-buds (or texture-buds?) are changing? If that is the case, I am angry. Can’t they change in my benefit? Can’t they start to love vegetables?



The worst part about this whole wanting-ice-cream-everyday thing is that we literally live 30 seconds from a Dairy Queen.

If we walk there, that negates the thousands of calories that we consume. It’s negative calorie consumption.



But for some reason, my thighs don’t believe that.

And for that reason alone, I had to make a protein-packed, fruity replacement.

See, I always have wanted to love ice cream.

Mr. How Sweet loves ice cream, and I thought it was something we could enjoy together.

I am always looking for our ‘thing.’ You know, the one ‘thing’ that couples do together?

Some couples exercise together. I want us to eat ice cream. I know. I’m kind of an oddball.

I mean, unless I suddenly fall in love with Dale Earnhart, Jr. or Mr. How Sweet takes an affinity for glittery shoes, we have yet to have our own ‘thing.’



So now, when Mr. How Sweet wants ice cream, I can make this.

I am obsessed with the granita. Usually, granitas are all ‘icey,’ but because of the yogurt, this one is also a bit creamy.

It is loaded with protein and the strawberries add the perfect amount of sweetness. I added a bit of sugar, but only because not everyone in this house loves tart yogurt.

And by everyone, I don’t mean myself. So take a wild guess by process of elimination.



Strawberry Yogurt Granita

from Epicurious (with a slight adaptation)

Serves 4 (1/2 cup serving)

2 cups plain greek yogurt

2 cups strawberries, chopped

1 teaspoon sugar (or sweetener of choice)

In a large bowl, stir together yogurt, chopped strawberries, and sugar. Spread on a baking sheet and freeze for 1-2 hours. Remove from freezer and scrape with a fork, releasing ice crystals. Freeze again for 30 minutes, then scrape again. Repeat one more time.

Remove from freezer and serve immediately.





Who needs ice cream everyday when you can have this?

Now I just need to find a way to add bacon and chocolate and keep it healthy.