I’ve always poked fun at Mr. How Sweet for the way he mixes everything on his plate together into one big, slop-pile mess.

But the truth is, I make my own slop-pile messes every now and then, too.

Mine are a bit more contained and not as ugly, but they are still odd.

In fact, I’m almost afraid to tell you what is inside this wrap.

This wasn’t my lunch, but it was my dinner last night.

I didn’t realize how fast my hunger would hit me, and I didn’t have anything prepared. The thought of cooking something just made me hungrier, and I was about to whip out the devilish Stacy’s pita chips when I just started throwing things into a crispy tortilla. Or, shall I say, ‘tor-till-ah,’ since that was how Mother Lovett pronounced it. And she wasn’t joking.

Inside are two eggs, over easy, avocado, organic baked beans, cherry tomatoes, low-fat monterey jack cheese and barbeque sauce. This is all wrapped up in a La Tortilla Factory tortilla, because I love them so much that I will burrito-wrap my babies in them once they are born.

The end.