We finally made it to Northern Michigan after 9 long hours in the car.

What did I do before I had a wireless network card? It was beautiful out when we reached our destination.

Our Friday night tradition is to go to a local bar and get all-you-can-eat white fish and chips. The place has been in business for years and getting a table is impossible.

But my brother Andy and his girlfriend Mary got there early and got us a seat.

How cute are they?

Somewhere in Pennsylvania my other brother is throwing up.

I normally do not like deep-fried foods because I think they all taste the same. I can rarely taste the flavor, but this fish is a totally different story. It is lightly battered and probably the best fish I’ve ever had. They throw this on your table and you all fend for yourself.

I cover my fries in salt and vinegar because I like to live on the wild side.

Afterwards, we walked around town. This specific town is Boyne City and it is where my great grandparents lived and my dad vacationed as a kid. Friday nights the place is rockin’ with street bands and shopping.

We played with this adorable puppy. Her name was Rosebud.

It reminded me that I have badger Mr. How Sweet more when I get home. I want a golden retriever. I need a pal.

Andy wanted to get his picture taken with this character:

And then he got ice cream for himself, but not the rest of us.

I couldn’t wait to take some pictures of the lake and sunset. I just recently got a DSLR and have been in tears for the past 2 weeks trying to use it. It’s all Greek to me. I also am afraid to let anyone else touch it. If something happens to it, Mr. How Sweet would divorce me since I blew our life savings for this little “hobby” of mine. I don’t even trust myself with it yet.

But I figured it out enough to take a few shots of Andy acting obnoxious and the early-evening sky.

Then this happened.

And then the sunsets started.

At first it looked like it was going to storm so the sunset wasn’t very pretty, but I’m confident that I will get the money shot later this week.

We built a fire and sat by the lake, talking and mostly making fun of my mom. Since Mother Lovett isn’t around anymore, someone has to be the butt of all of our jokes.

Now I’m gonna go pass out in the lake air.

But I might have a brownie first.