It was rainy and dreary when we woke up this morning.

I don’t mind at all; as long as I am here I am a happy camper.

We decided to head to the farmer’s market early.  My grandma loved this farmer’s market and it was always a tradition to go.

This was only my first or second time carrying my camera around and for some reason it makes me so self conscious. I am a loon.

Did you expect to see vegetables? You know I don’t roll that way.

Petoskey stones!

We walked around town some more and then we came across this.

We just couldn’t resist.

It was the perfect mid-morning snack. Pancakes leave you hungry.

I hope when I die, I go to a place like this.

Some bacon wouldn’t be bad either.

I relinquished control of my camera and handed it over to Mary who loves to take pictures.

This used book store has been around for ages. It is so quaint and quiet.

We had a little impromptu photo shoot too.

I might develop a complex since Mary takes better pictures than me.

We walked and shopped a little more before noon.

(Mr. How Sweet – pay attention.)

Then we started happy hour a little early.

In all seriousness we wanted to start around 10:30, but decided to behave and wait until 12.

It was worth it.

Now I have to go chug a gallon of water and pass out. Blogging under the influence is rough. I need to rest up for the festivities later.

I’m actually enjoying this daily-life blogging thing. I may continue when I get home. What do ya’ll think?