This is the puzzle from hell.

It is extremely difficult. I’m sure multiple margaritas don’t help either.

After our midday naps, we ventured out to Charlevoix to explore and watch the sunset.

To get there, we rode the Ironton Ferry , which has been around forever.

We oogled at this house.

If you have a few million, it’s up for sale.

Then we made our way to the lighthouse in time for the sunset.

And pretty things like this happened.

Check out the bridge being raised for the sailboat:

We found an amazing taffy store. Mary was more excited than a dog in heat. They had over 90 different flavors.

Someone spent a ridiculous amount of money on taffy.

We came home and had pizza, then sat by the fire and made s’mores.

I love the lake at night.

Why don’t I live here? I’d even let Mr. How Sweet come with me. I kinda miss the guy.