Love, love, love Bay Harbor.

It is an incredible, beautiful resort.

What? You don’t have a boat garage in your house?

Does it get any better than this?

We had happy hour out on the porch.

Giant man-sized chess set:

We used to think that Bay Harbor was a bit stuffy, but then we saw Kid Rock and Chris Chelios here a few years ago with a parade of women. Fun stuff.

Once we got home, we decided that we hadn’t sufficiently stuffed ourselves so we went to dinner.

This is about the time that Andy declared this the blogcation. I’ve shoved the camera in everyone’s face eight-thousand times.

Mackinac Fudge Ale!

This beer was so good. It tasted like chocolate fudge!


We are sweaty pigs. We walked around in 85 degrees temperatures all day wearing black.

This day may go down in history.

I had TWO salads.

Yes, TWO.

What is going on with me?

As usual, after dinner we needed something sweet.

Check out these scrumptious waffle cones!

Then the most beautiful sunset on earth occurred.

This may be the sole reason I love this place.

I took approximately 83.5 more pictures of the sunset, bit this post is already a bit picture heavy so I’ll save them for another time.

Tomorrow gets more fun because others arrive. I can’t wait!