Sometimes I can go a little overboard.

I know that may be a shock.

But 2 week ago I bought enough watermelon and cantaloupe to feed a small country.

Or just to feed Mr. How Sweet.

But then he went out of town and didn’t eat it.

He probably feels the same way about melon that he does about salad – why waste the calories?

So I whipped up this little concoction to help me survive the near-100 degree temperatures.

I am not a fan of the heat. I really hate to be hot, unless I am working out.

My worst nightmare is going somewhere mid-day where the sun beats down on me. I sweat like a man. I look like a drowned rat. Even Mr. How Sweet gets a little embarrassed.

On one of our first dates he took me to a baseball game. Big mistake.

The heat makes me whine. And complain. I can’t stand the stickiness of my legs on the back of a chair.

See, I’m even complaining now. I can’t believe the relationship worked out with my heat-induced crankiness.



Now when it’s out hot out, I just whip up something like this to remain calm. And sit in an ice bath. And I may whine just a little bit, because that always makes the heat go away.



Melon Slush

Serves 2

1 cup chopped watermelon

1 cup chopped cantaloupe

1/2 cup club soda

1 tablespoon watermelon vodka (I used Three Olives brand)

2 tablespoons coconut rum

handful of ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.





Since I’m on vacation, Mr. How Sweet is relishing in living with the air conditioning off and the windows open.

If I was home, I would need a gallon of this to survive.