Over the last few months my workout routine has been all over the place. I attribute this to getting bored quite easily, and having a “been there done that” attitude about most strength training routines.

But then I did yoga this morning instead of waiting until this evening, and I fell in love.

I adore yoga, but used to practice much more regularly than I have. And I almost always used to do it in the later afternoons and evenings.

This morning, doing yoga made me feel alive. I loved the bit of meditation before starting my day – I felt more calm, more at peace, and more positive than most days.

I want to share with you my current workout routine, which I am loving:

Mon: cardio, yoga

Tues: strength training: upper

Weds: cardio, yoga

Thurs: strength training: upper

Fri: cardio, yoga

Sat: strength training: legs

If there is anything I’ve learned after 10+ years of strength training, it’s that in order to see results, you must do something you love every single day. Or… something you can at least tolerate.

I am loving this routine!

And I’m curious – what is your current workout routine like? Are you loving it?

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