To continue with my workout ADD, I wanted to share these full body workouts that I did a few weeks ago.

Because, heavens forbid I do the same workout in a row. I might lose my mind. Or crave veggies. Or something.

Here’s what went down:

Day 1: 4 sets x 10

alternating lunges & pull-ups

step ups & pushups

seated rows & overhead presses

side raises & triceps dips

Day 2: 5 sets x 8

leg presses & lat pulldowns

deadlifts & incline chest presses

rear delt flys & biceps curls

Day 3: 3 sets x 15

walking lunges & prone dumbbell rows

stability ball squats & overhead presses

leg exts & incline pec flys

front raises & overhead triceps ext

All over the board , eh? I used to think that I had to do 10-12 exercises per workout just to get a good workout. If there is anything I have learned over the last few years it is quality over quantity.

In all of these workouts, I usually move back and forth from exercise to exercise. I love strength training, but I hate just waiting around to “rest” in between sets. I enjoy moving the entire time, but if I really need the rest I will take it.

I’m also glutton for suffering.

Not really. But I thought it sounded cool.