There is just so much fabulousness going on that I need to post a few more things that I’m loving right now.

And I’m still so full from the white chicken chili I made last night that I can’t see straight.

Life is good.

Michelle made pancake cupcakes with bacon in the frosting. Send.Help.Now.

Brittany taught us the secret to smooth, creamy hummus. I always wondered why mine was chunky!

Melanie made a hot fudge peanut butter pudding cake. Yes. Say it again.

Ashley ate this incredible layered breakfast out of jar. Nothing short of amazing.

[photo courtesy of Ashley]

Lori made BBQ baked onion rings. Drool. Sign me up.

Marla made 3 cheese spaghetti nests. How adorable are these?

And I want to gobble up this orange chocolate stout cake from Evil Shenanigans.

Of course, there are a few non-food items I wanted to share too. I know – I was shocked too.

Have you checked out Faces of Beauty yet?

Erin posted about slowing down our thinking. I am a huge culprit of wishing the days away.

Ellen posted freelance advice from a freelancer. Love this girl – she cracks me up.

Caitlin posted about getting comments on blogs – every blogger should read this!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow folks. Now I must go wash some maple syrup out of my hair. What can I say? I had a messy breakfast.

What are you loving right now? And what the heck should I whip up this weekend? I love hearing your ideas.