Growing up, we always lived in larger neighborhoods with lots of houses. That equaled lots of trick or treating and lots of candy. In the early years, my dad would take us trick or treating while my mom stayed home and passed out sweets. For years, my dad wore the same costume – he cut out the bottom of a pumpkin, cut out a jack o’ lantern, and wore the giant pumpkin on his head! We thought it was the coolest thing.

Who am I kidding? I still think it was the coolest thing.

After we walked to approximately 3 houses and cried and complained that we were tired from walking, we made it home and hustled over to Mother Lovett’s house to show off our costumes. I tried to steal all of my brothers’ Snickers bars and I happily gave up my Butterfingers. And we fought like hell over the Reeses.

I wore this glittery pink wig more years than I can count. My dad just reminded me that when I first wore it, I went as Jem. Please tell me you know who Jem is.

[the How Sweet brothers were Davy Crockett (I think?) and a fireman.]

And really, nothing has changed. I love hot pink and I love sparkly things, and would be thrilled if I could get away with wearing this on my head everyday.

Same goes for the blue spandex unitard too.