And no, I’m not talking about how he was first in line at Target for Taylor Swift’s new album yesterday.

See, I left out a teensy, tiny detail about my shoes. Mr. How Sweet enables my obsession. In fact, he contributes to it.

Not only did he buy me these shoes:

But he also bought me these ones:

And these:

And these too:

And they don’t always have to be fancy.

But I really like when they are.

He got me these shoes when he got me this dress:

And it seems he likes to buy dresses too.

But that’s a whole other animal.

He is a great shopper and gift giver, no? Now you can see why I may have been a little… unsure about him when we first met. Luckily, it all works out in my favor.

He supports my habit. It is all his fault.