I’m warning you. I’m about to drop at least 100 points on your coolness scale. But that is okay. I think my kitchen playlist will show you just how much of an lost old soul I am.

The truth is, I love listening to “older” classics, but I really enjoy newer versions of them. There are countless reasons for this, one being that I am incredibly awkward and can’t relate to my peers. But I will highlight the majors below. Music is nostalgic for me, and I am a very nostalgic person.

  • I love listening to songs sang by Frank Sinatra and the like, because it reminds me of Mother Lovett and my mom’s dad (Mother Lovett’s first husband, the one I never met) dancing around their living room. I have no idea if this ever happened, but I like to think it did. She loved music like this and loved to dance.
  • I love listening to easy listening music that would put most people my age to sleep (like Kenny G) because it reminds me of the nights when my parents would go out when I was a little girl. The lighting was dim, my mom smelled like White Diamonds and had way too many poofs on her shoulders, and my dad smelled like Old Spice. They were the perfect couple and set the bar very high for what I would want someday.
  • I’ve told you how much I love listening to James Taylor before, so that really needs no explanation. It reminds me most of long drives to Michigan when I wanted to physically harm my brothers in the backseat. You get what I’m saying.
  • I love listening to old school Kenny Loggins (is there even new school Kenny Loggins?) because it reminds me of riding in the front seat of my mom’s car on really hot summer days. We usually weren’t going anywhere fun, it might have just been the store. But she played those CDs over and over again.
  • I love listening to Steve Tyrell because it reminds me of my paternal grandparents and how classy and elegant they were together as a couple. They were stunning and in love and again – set the bar impossibly high.

So I present to you… my kitchen playlist.

This really isn’t just my kitchen playlist. It’s my everything-but-working-out playlist. I have it on when I cook, bake, feel like laying around, or clean… which we all know is almost never. My floors and furniture are already crying out in pain. The playlist doesn’t change much, besides me changing or adding songs from decades long ago.

Mr. How Sweet really doesn’t like this kind of music at all, and I get very sad because of that. But I keep playing it to annoy him in hopes that one day he will love it.

Tell me – what kind of music do you listen to in the kitchen? Share your playlist or a few of your favorite songs!