Today would have been my grandparents 58th wedding anniversary. In fact, they were together for more than 60 years as a couple. 60 years!

Weren't they a gorgeous couple?

For the first time last year, we celebrated Christmas day at my parents’ house. My grandparents had hosted it for years, but a few weeks before the holiday my grandma hurt her knee and wasn’t feeling up to it. We had no idea that it would actually be her last Christmas.

At one point in the evening, Mr. How Sweet and I were in my parents’ foyer hugging and kissing and doing whatever newlyweds do. My grandma walked out of the bathroom and almost smacked into us as we were kissing, with a slightly embarrassed, “Ohh!.”

As our cheeks turned bright red, we fully expected her (the elegant, classy lady) to keep on walking. Instead, she turned around and walked toward us and whispered, “That is good. Never stop doing that. Don’t ever stop. You always do that.”

I will never forget that moment. Truer words have never been spoken. There has never been a lack of affection in our family, and throughout my entire life it has been quite clear that my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are still so in love. I am so lucky. I learned so much from her, but that, perhaps, is the most significant.

Yes, that's Mother Lovett's little white head in the corner.

Even though today will be difficult for my grandpa, he has mentioned countless times over the last 9 months how lucky he was that he got to spend 60+ years with such an incredible woman. They were no one else like her.

I can only hope to be so lucky.