Earlier today, I shared this:

Mr. How Sweet decided he wanted to cook dinner tonight, which happens once in a blue moon. I really didn’t think it was going to happen, especially after getting these texts.

After a few emails back and forth regarding ingredients and recipes, he was getting nervous. He wrote:

He finally chose a few recipes, and in order to make things easier for him, I set out what I knew he would need.

Including Advil.

I even left a little tip sheet.

The recipes he was planning on making called for bacon, and I figured it would be easiest (and less tantrum-inducing) if he just microwaved it.

So imagine my surprise when I walked in the door this evening and not only did the scent of fried bacon waft through the house, but Mr. How Sweet was calmly standing over a stove full of pots and pans.

The meal he made was INCREDIBLE.
I’m talking restaurant quality. One of the best meals that I’d had in a long time. And it was fun!

He made 2 Rachael Ray recipes: spicy buffalo chicken sandwiches and mashed potato skins.

[our favorite whole grain loaves from Delallos!]

[fabulous blue cheese spread with scallions]

These mashed potatoes were literally mouth-watering. The minute I walked in the door I grabbed a spoon and started eating them from the pot. I probably consumed half of a cup before dinner. I know… I’m such a lady. And he even pan-fried the chicken in the bacon grease. I’ve taught him well.

For dessert, Mr. How Sweet had picked up some Market District gelato.

We adore this stuff. It is like cool chocolate mousse!

Not only did Mr. How Sweet make this entire meal completely flip-out free, he did the dishes too! What a guy. This only means one thing…

…steak for dinner every night next week.