I started this afternoon by watching The Family Stone, which gets me every single time. I am not one to get emotional at movies whatsoever, but this one makes me lose it. I even saw it in the theater way back when and wasn’t very moved. I think it has happened as I grow older and realize how amazing my family is. And I am so sad that I don’t have any grandma’s left to be with on Christmas.

Feeling like a tortured artist, I got to work on some therapy. And by “tortured” I mean hungry, and by “artist” I mean baker. There is no better therapy than cookies. And Barry Manilow Christmas music.

I still have a few items to cross off my holiday baking list, and tonight I went with those of the Mother Lovett variety.

I made her butterballs, pink and green thumbprints, and then ate made about 80 peanut butter blossoms.

While in the process of baking, all I could think of was “there is no way I am cooking dinner.” Mr. How Sweet must have been on the same page, because the minute he walked through the door he said we were going on a date. This never happens on school work nights! He threw out the options of The Capital Grille and Primanti’s, and I surprisingly chose the latter… because I didn’t want to get out of my sweats.

So we had a Pittsburgh-style date.

We split a pizza and I watched Mr. How Sweet take down an entire black angus sandwich.

How is it possible for one to eat this much? If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Primanti’s, you must read up on it.

Now we are watching MTV’s version of The Family Stone… 16 and Pregnant. What is this world coming to?