I didn’t even attempt to clean out the freezer like I did with the fridge. But I did snap some photos!

[frozen avocados for smoothies]

[more frozen fruit that is probably a year… or two old]

[leftover gelato… that magically has not been devoured]

[a giant tub of buttercream frosting… with a chunk of frozen chicken on top]

[ginger and tomato paste]

[some weird smoked kielbasa that has been in here forever… and that I can now see is expired]

[more peace of mind, with a bag of frozen, rotten bananas on top]

[Mr. How Sweet’s “snacks”]

[an array of frozen foods, like salmon burgers and parmesan crusted tilapia]

[a container of frozen chili]

[the only vegetable we ever eat]

[more chicken and a sad bag of freezer-burnt broccoli]

[oh… and this]

Now who wants to come clean it for me?