That is the question.

I have a serious problem, and it consists of never cleaning the kitchen. Ever. It drives Mr. How Sweet mad. He tried to teach me to “clean as I go,” but I’m a lost cause. I basically use every utensil we own, every bowl and plate, don’t clean up one thing and fully trash the place until it is beyond help.

I also like to let sticky, gooey substances set on dishes until the only way to remove the disgustingness is to soak it for 104 hours.

I can’t show you more pictures in detail because then you will never want to come over and visit, if the chance presents itself. You also will probably immediately call the executive producer at Hoarders.

So I just simply sit around and get myself into things like this.

And wonder why I’m so unorganized and who in the world will be cleaning up my messes.

In other news, it’s a winter wonderland.

Maybe Santa’s elves will come help me clean.