We all know I get bored easily.

Really bored.

So when a snack stays with me for more than a month, it’s huge. These are my fast and easy staples, what I’m loving right now.

A mix of almonds and pecans with dried cherries and cranberries. Sometimes I add some chocolate chips. It is my weak attempt at recreating American Spoon’s cherry-berry mix. After eating this, I feel instantly energized. This concoction got me through many crazy days in December.

Next up: this dense 9 grain bread. Two slices toasted, one topped with hummus, one topped with smashed avocado.

I always have the hummus, and depending on if I feel like blowing $5 on a disappointment of an avocado, I’ll top my second slice with some of it smashed. Sometimes I have it as breakfast. Sometimes it’s a snack. Sometimes I add egg whites. Actually, this was the vehicle for the egg yesterday. RIP egg.

Since I’m so finicky, I’m sure I’ll have some new snacks to share with you next month. What is your favorite power snack as of late?