On Monday, I spilled an entire bowl of tomato soup on our like-new beige carpeting.

It literally flew 15 feet in each direction. At least I had enough sense to not photograph it before it set. I cried. I scrubbed. Mr. How Sweet came home. He got annoyed. He scrubbed. I threw a hissy fit. I threw his pillow down the stairs. He slept on the couch. He cuddled up to me in bed at 3 am. I sleep-elbowed him in the nose.

Oh marriage!

I think we all know what happened to this infamous egg. It committed eggicide (coined by NancyC in the comments) on Wednesday.

I learned my lesson and kept this spill from Mr. How Sweet. Until I posted it on my blog this afternoon.

I’m still learning.

Tonight, I tried to reheat some corn. It exploded in the microwave.

Like… all over the microwave.

Ignore the filth of the microwave.

Oh yeah, and today my kitchen looked like this.

I feel better. You guys are like therapy.