I have a 20 minute dinner to share with you… but I just didn’t feel like it today. Honestly, it includes too many veggies for my liking and I didn’t feel like uploading pictures of tomatoes. Too many vegetables make me convulse. You know this.

So I wanted to share some love – the things I’ve bookmarked in the last week that will inevitably lead me to cook up a frenzy and have to buy new pants. It’s been too long since I’ve done this!

Heather just shared these brownie batter chocolate chip cookies. I think she’s trying to kill me.

Andrea made whole wheat sour cream pancakes. Yessss… whole wheat! I’ll take three short stacks please.

Caitlin talked about the glass being half full. Mine is usually half full… with wine.

Jenna’s carbonara for one is calling my name. I’ve wanted to make carbonara forever and this gives me the kick in the pants to do it.

[photo courtesy of Jenna]

But I may need to quadruple it since I have a hungry husband.

Some of my favorite bakers made a meyer lemon pound cake. Liking lemon for dessert is new to me, but I’m all over this. Except I’ll probably eat it for breakfast.

I’m really jealous of Rachel’s decorating skills, and I’m envious she doesn’t live with framed photos of WWF wrestlers on her walls.

Maria’s honey yogurt waffles sound sooo good. I don’t eat waffles nearly enough. I’m thinking about making a batch of these for next week. Obviously I’m currently obsessed with breakfast.

Dawn’s chocolate peanut butter bars with BBQ pretzels are making me swoon. Seriously? I want every combination she makes.

Gaby shared her tips for throwing the best kid’s birthday party ever. Um… kids? What about me? I want a party like this. Who cares if I’m pushing 30?

[photo courtesy of Gaby]

Hold on. I need to go throw up. And cry.

Megan made some margarita mac and cheese. Really? My favorite drink and my favorite meal combined? Give me bacon and I’ll die happy.

Jen shared banana cream cheese muffins. These would last approximately 3.4 seconds in this house.

Angie posted these chocolate crepes with raspberries, which are perfect for Valentine’s Day! Or you know… tomorrow morning.

Karly, my friend who loves bacon just as much as I do, made oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

And I can’t go without telling you that I made the cake batter pancakes again.

But I used whole wheat flour. I have a problem.

What is one recipe you are dying to make this weekend? Be on the lookout for the 20 minute dinner tomorrow! If you don’t like veggies, you don’t have to look either. I’m gonna cover my eyes while posting it.