1. I found a stinkbug on a window this morning. I almost tossed my cookies. I despise those things. Was it naive for me to assume they would just disappear? I want to move to that place where no bugs or rodents exist.

2. Instead of yoga, I went back outside for a walk today after the gym. It was so nice because it is in the 60s. In February! I would have tried running, but I didn’t want to die.

3. I checked out that bathing suits on the Victoria’s Secret website this morning. Then I contemplated jumping out the window.

4. I used cream in a recipe instead of butter this morning. I don’t know why that’s Spring-like, but I’ve decided that it is.

5. I considered making a “s’mores bowl” since the s’mores pie is long gone. Nothin’ feels like summer more than s’mores, right? But I ate an apple instead because, well… see #3.

6. I’ve had James Taylor music blasting for the last 3 weeks, which fuels my unnatural obsession with him. It reminds me of summer and Michigan and my childhood and how I am really a 60-year old in a 20-something’s body.

7. I’m in denial about the weather going back to being cold tomorrow. I will probably complain about it and be really annoying.

8. I desperately want a salad. A really, really big one. I’m going to triple this recipe and eat it in one sitting. Salads are healthy! In fact, I’m leaving to get all of the ingredients right now.