I just had to share my delicious breakfast with you. I am still thinking about how good it was, and I ate it hours ago. I might have to make it for lunch too.

Since I’m so obsessed with mushrooms now, I sauteed a handful of mushrooms, then mixed in four egg whites and a ton of fresh basil. On the side, I had a leftover piece of grilled herb bread from our dinner party last night.

And… I had to eat it with this giant three-prong serving fork. It’s literally bigger than my forearm.

We are completely out of utensils! No forks, spoons, knives – and we have tons of them. The majority are in the dishwasher and the others are dirty in the sink. And I was too lazy to wash one of those. At least I wasn’t too lazy to make breakfast.

What did you have for breakfast today?