1. The Easter bunny left me an Easter basket packed to the brim with Trader Joe’s treats.

Because nothing says “I love you” like your favorite fruit leather fiber supplements.


2. Many of you have been asking what I thought of Water for Elephants after seeing it on Saturday. I loved it… as a movie. As usual, the book was 8 billion times better. But I still really enjoyed the movie and will probably buy it and watch it 54 times in a row while Mr. How Sweet whines. I was disappointed that they left so much out of the film – I understand they couldn’t include everything, but I thought some major plot lines and characters were left out. That, and I’ve decided I want a pet elephant.


3. Yesterday for dessert we had orange cake, brownie pops, coconut cream pie, an assortment of other pies, funfetti cookies, ricotta pie, and cheesecake. We also had spring m&m’s, jelly beans, Sarris chocolate peanut butter and coconut eggs, chocolate covered Oreos and tons of Reese’s eggs. I’m okay with not seeing sweets again until next week. Orrrrr…. until tomorrow when I make you cupcakes.


4. Best book you’ve read lately? Go!


5. I made a new summer kitchen playlist. This is just a little taste. I’m still 70 years old. Maybe even older.




7. Sorry to shout, but that’s a pretty big deal.