Pinterest is killing me.

Cupcake Fondue I

Really it is. My demise has began.


It’s making me sit on my rear for hours at a time and skip workouts and go to bed at a highly unreasonable hour and make things like this cupcake fondue. All signs point to a heart attack if you ask me.

Cupcake Fondue I

Why didn’t someone warn me just how addicting it was is? Why doesn’t my home look like any of the ones I pin? Why does it make me want to stand in front of the stove all day like it’s 1955? Why haven’t I ever made cupcake fondue in my incredibly deprived life?


And more importantly, why didn’t anyone tell me that wasabi peas were so… wasabic? My tongue hurts.

Cupcake Fondue I

[As a side note, how cute are my little cupcakes’ brightly colored unmentionables way up there? Heather sent me those a while back. I love cupcake liner lingerie.]

Cupcake Fondue I

Remember when I gave you a sneak peek of these pictures on Facebook yesterday and you all thought I made brownie pops? Tricked you, didn’t I?

You should be glad.

This is soooo much more exciting.

Funner. Prettier. Fancier. Sparklier.

So awesome that I make up words to describe them.

Cupcake Fondue I

Not only are they super fun, but they are 100% customizable. Unless you want to make some sort of vegetable cupcakes and dip them in some sort of something not sweet at all. Not allowed. That is unacceptable.

Cupcake Fondue I

Cupcake Fondue

idea from pintsizesocial via bakeitpretty


for the mini cupcakes: Easiest would most likey be a boxed mix of your choice, but I used this white cake recipe.

for the “fondue:” You can use either melted white chocolate, vanilla cream glaze, or any other frosting of your choice of course. I think it would be great to have multiple fondues (chocolate, vanilla frostings) but I’m not sure how realistic it is – it wasn’t for me!

toppings: various sprinkles, shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, crushed cookies, etc.

This is really so simple. All you need to do is prepare your frosting or melted chocolate of choice (if it is a glaze/melted chocolate, I suggest keeping the heat on under the fondue pot. If it is frosting such as buttercream (which is possible but would be challenging for “dipping.”) keep the heat off under the fondue pot. Assemble small bowls with your toppings of choice. Bake your cupcake flavor of choice in mini liners and serve!

Cupcake Fondue I

Now here’s a serious question: I bet you didn’t think I liked sprinkles this much, did you?